“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart”

The CFA Community Vietnam supports the professional development and advancement of local CFA® charterholders and candidates. Aligned with our mission, we are continually seeking volunteers to promote awareness of the CFA charter amongst the local community and provide opportunities for the financial community to gather in a collaborative atmosphere of knowledge sharing and networking.

Being a volunteer is fun. Your contributions, small and large, shape the conversation and have been integral in furthering our mission ever since the community establishment since 2008. You will meet a diverse group of professionals and work with them towards a set of common goals. You’ll have the opportunity to learn in depth about your society, CFA Institute, and other professional bodies.

New volunteers could be involved in the following:

  • PR, social media: contribute to the development of the society’s communication regarding PR and advertising, or social media
  • Seminars and conferences: planning and organizing the annual seminars and conferences, including assisting in the determination of the conference topics and support speaker selection
  • Candidates support: support candidates of CFA Programs
  • Research Challenge: assist in the local competition of the CFA Institute Research Challenge
  • University relations: liaise with universities and business schools to present the CFA Program

If you wish to volunteer—and have a passion for the Community, CFA Institute and the financial community at large—please register at https://goo.gl/forms/8lUloDx2abnIenNk1 AND send your CV to cfa.events.vietnam@gmail.com 


We look forward to welcoming you to CFA Community Vietnam!

Volunteers needed