Chairman’s New Year Message to Volunteers

On the last day of 2017, Mr. Vo Sang Xuan Vinh, CFA, Chairman of CFA Community Vietnam shares his thought and appreciation to all volunteers.

Vo Sang Xuan Vinh - CFA Community Vietnam

Sunday, 31st December 2017, the last day of 2017. This is the best time to close the old year and prepare for the new one.

Dear All volunteers,

When our voluntary activities have been inititated since 2007 by a handful of volunteers, none thought that we could obtain achievements which we have nowadays. Thanks to the participation and contribution of generations of volunteers over the last decade, our CFA Community has grown in both quality and quantity, through our impressive performance and the way we accomplish such success. In both Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, we had a successful year 2017. Given the many events and projects we have delivered, each of us should be very proud of our effort! Each volunteer has overcome challenges in your respective roles, engaged and effectively collaborated with other team members and partners. Most importantly, we have worked as united team to deliver the outcomes. You have shown that together as a team, we can achieve anything we aim for.
On behalf of the CFA Community Vietnam, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all CFA volunteers, and to those who have supported our CFA Community Vietnam.

Year 2018: focus on CFA Members and improve operations

The year 2018 will lead us to greater opportunities, and also requires further effort from us. Being members of the CFA community, we should leverage the founding value of the CFA Institute: the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence. On such foundation, developing a unified, truly CFA member-focused, value driven shall be our direction for the new year 2018. Our mission is to bring the best value to our CFA Members in particular, and to our society in general. We must redouble our effort to put the Member’s perspective at the centre of every event, project and activity.
Taking into account the new situation, we shall build together a new efficiency-driven organisation and system. The hierarchy, operational procedures and internal bylaws shall be developed towards simplicity in order to support and empower the volunteers. I trust the integrity and responsibility of each volunteer. You will manage and deploy the resources of our community in a prudent and effective way as you do for your own assets. The Steering Committee and senior volunteers shall not only play directive and managing roles. They are there to support volunteers. So, be proactive and make use of these people for the best of your voluntary tasks.

Giving and achievements

Since our activites developed in both scope and volume, our voluntary work became more challenging. It is unavoidable that some volunteers felt disengaged, tired and cynical. However, the majority of volunteers have significantly grown up, in attitude, behavior, skills and knowledge. Thanks to the professional and ethical environment of our CFA community, some of you have trained yourselves and achieved great success in both your voluntary work and professional career. Some volunteers are awared prestigious scholarship while others moved to better jobs or are promoted to higher positions. I believe that our community is among the best training environment for those who give to the society without interest. Once committed to voluntary work with integrity and responsibility, your contribution will be recognized and paid off. Believe that your truthful effort will be credited and awarded.

My closing for starting the new year 2018

The new year 2018 will mark a special year where our CFA Community becomes a stronger and more purposeful organization. Every one of us continues to take the many smaller steps available to us, and to work together to improve our operations, generate values for our Members, thereby seizing the bigger opportunities and realizing the great potential of our community, contributing ever more to the society.
While looking forward to officially announcing a long-awaited great news of us all, I wish you and your families a Happy New Year 2018 with lots of success, health and happiness!
I hope each of you will have a joyful holiday to recharge yourselves.

Vo Sang Xuan Vinh
Chairman – CFA Vietnam Community


New Year Message to Volunteers of CFA Community Vietnam